Systemize Your Business To Consistently Generate Leads, Income and the profits you've always Wanted So You Can Work Less Hours All While Growing Your Business

And you don't need to be posting on social media 24/7

You’re trapped in a business that relies heavily on your input to make things happen….. more profit would mean more of you and….

You’re already stretched, you only have so many hours in the day to devote to your team, your clients, and your family.  

The hours you're working aren’t sustainable…. For your sanity nor your health….

Time seems to slip away….all the distractions…. they talk to you, haunt you, make you switch browsers or pick up your phone….

You don’t have systems in place to support you.

Your profits are not what you'd like them to be... You don't pay yourself what your worth to your business, in fact some of your team make more than you do!

  • implementing systems, but really aren’t sure if it’s right for you right now or if it’s even fixed the problem. You’re thinking it’s just plugged a hole that might burst later….

  • outsourcing tasks to free up time, but it seems to take up more of your time to do that than doing it yourself!

  • raising your rates, but the profit increases still elude you

  • courses, attended workshops, hired coaches, and while there has been some improvement, you’ve not been able to sustain the money or time investment required, they just seemed to eat into profits without giving the return.

  • the DIY option, but you feel like you're swimming in the dark in the middle of the lake, and somebody turned out the flood lights….. you don’t know where to go next.

  • working even harder…. It’s just left you exhausted, unhappy and unfulfilled.

It’s not your fault, you’ve done the hustle that society portrays as the one way to succeed….. flashy sports car and all

Having a business that is fully reliant on YOU to show up and do #allthethings is exhausting. I remember when I ran my accountancy practice regularly finding myself awake at 4am recalling a client task that had not been done… 

And then you find yourself working soooo much IN the business, that your growth stalls, and that amazing vision you have for your business feels like it’s been ripped to shreds… This is what

caused me to walk away from my accountancy practice all together!

Focusing on #allthethings causes you to lose focus on the #onething that’s most important to you, the reason you started this business in the first place…time freedom

you need to hire more team members but adding team members has always created

an even bigger time suck for you…

What you really need is systems.

Systems and automation are the key to time freedom.

  • Travel the world working remotely from anywhere

  • Relocate to Thailand!

  • Work a 4 day work week

  • Launch many products and courses to solve client problems

  • Have a lean team that does not require constant monitoring.

And I’ve been right where you are…..

I was a product of the “work more hours and get the results” era. What BS!! Working more hours does not equate to achieving better results. I had to find another solution. With a young family to look after, never mind the exhaustion and lack of sleep, more hours wasn’t a sustainable option. Early on I discovered the simple way to be super ORGANIZED in my business and get the important stuff done without working more hours or implementing a convoluted software program.

But how to get it all done and grow your business at the same time? I saw the same struggle with my clients in my accountancy practice. How do you learn all the things necessary to grow your business, and find the time to do so? While adhoc efforts can create some wins, it’s exhausting. I was so exhausted I walked away from my business. And left my profession all together! I look back on it now, and I know exactly what I didn’t do that was imperative for long term sustainable growth. I was missing just two things.

Strategy and a sustainable system for lead generation.

I didn’t have a strategy. I had lots of moving parts, lots of marketing things but no clear path to make them work together. And while I had all the pieces of a lead generation funnel, I wasn’t driving enough leads to the funnel to make it sustainable.

When I figured out that missing piece to a sustainable funnel – traffic, I couldn’t believe what was possible! A simple repeatable system to bring in leads, but I’m all about profitability….. how could I do that profitably without waiting the traditional time period for a new lead to know like and trust you? 

I found the solution…. And that was when I created consistent leads and income delivering automated profits.

I like to refer to myself as a reformed accountant, because let’s face it, those skills are firmly entrenched in my psyche, I just choose not to “practice” for a fee. I’ve spent the past 10 years honing my marketing skills. And now I’m bringing that combined knowledge to you.

I’m on a mission to help you have automated profits too by focusing on the 3 core pillars to deliver that -  leveraging time, leveraging knowledge and leveraging marketing.

Your business was no longer fully reliant on you. You have a team, they can deliver to clients, without any concerns. The right systems are in place to ensure great customer service, superb product delivery and client retention, and you are looking forward to next week's scheduled CEO week to focus solely on growing the business like you’ve always wanted.

You work less hours, make more money and now have time for not only your family, but also some guilt free self time, no longer worrying about where your next client is coming from - that is on autopilot.

You personally are no longer trading time for dollars, instead you are relishing in your role as the entrepreneur you’ve always envisioned.

Those pesky everyday tasks disappear, they’re either no longer required or have in fact been automated and take care of themselves…

Profits are increasing, in fact you now have a greater understanding of the levers to pull to ensure profitability remains at the forefront as you grow your business

The long desired automated income has become a major component of monthly revenue. And you can now see the path to create more automated income, with a simple formula.

Lead generation is on autopilot, and now it’s all about optimising those channels.

Your sales pipeline is consistently full and delivering the ideal clients you’ve always wanted

This is all within reach, and so is a helping hand to guide you on this journey.

You don’t have to do it alone.

Profitable Automation Systems

Profitable Automation Systems is for entrepreneurs who want to reduce their work hours through automation while scaling the growth of their business.

A 1:1 coaching program that will support you to leverage your time, knowledge and marketing to deliver the consistent income and profits you desire all while working less and playing more

Your own Private Coaching with Me, Alycia Edgar!

You will be able to get private access to me in your own private members area. This is worth thousands of dollars and is the ONLY way you can work with me privately.

Here is how the private coaching works:

You'll have access to a private discussion room. Only you and I can see this discussion. I will help answer your most pressing questions. Point you to any relevant training materials if required. Together we can come up with the solutions to help you create consistent income and automated profits fast, 100% in private.

Here are the main pillars of coaching we provide in

Profitable Automation Systems:






When intertwined together the sweet spot in the middle delivers the profits and lifestyle you want.

Time is about being effective with the time you have and leveraging that as much as possible with automation.

Knowledge is about leveraging what you know for consistent revenue and for creating systems in your business.

Marketing is about leveraging systems and automation to be always marketing and creating automated revenue and profits for your business. 

Profits is ensuring that all facets of your business are profitable, and it is delivering the business and lifestyle you really want

When you join the Profitable Automation Systems, you’ll be able to:

Quit trading time for dollars…. To stop being beholden to that “job” you’ve created for yourself as a business owner and have the freedom you so desperately crave which was the real reason you went into business.

Spend your day fully focused on all the important stuff in your business. The things you know will help you to grow your business and improve your profits…. 

Have consistent income, month in month out …… without the need to stress about where the next client is coming from…. 

Spend more time with your family, more time for yourself, more leisure time and your business survives without you having your finger on the pulse

Thrive in your business…… this just surviving caper sucks, honestly you’ve done your time, you’re ready for the thriving part

Create a business that runs on autopilot, requiring much less brain power on your part.

Feel in control, in control of your business, in control of your day, in control of your time and in control of your “free” time….. That would change your whole outlook!

Here’s what to expect from

Profitable Automation Systems:

Time: We will focus on the 3 p’s – Planning, priorities, and productivity.

Knowledge: We’ll focus on developing new revenue models, creating systems for delegation and automation.

Marketing: We’ll focus on developing automated funnels to deliver leads, new clients, and ensure your marketing is working for you 24/7 without you needing too.

To deliver the profits and lifestyle you desire.

Gain access to All of these Training Resources And Take the Guesswork out of Creating consistent Income and Profits

Amplify Awareness on Autopilot: Let automation spread the word about your incredible offers.

Power Buyers on Autopilot: Transform prospects into devoted buyers, effortlessly.

Lead Generation Paid For: Drive traffic that matters and supercharge your growth.

Follow Up on Autopilot: Build lasting connections and nurture relationships without lifting a finger.

World Class Onboarding: Automate to cement new client relationships

Client Retention Integration: Build exceptional client delivery into everyday communications

Optimize for Scale: Fine-tune your profit levers for unprecedented expansion.

Access to ALL of our Training Materials ......(Value of $9,997)

Private 1:1 Coaching Support ...........................(Value of $4,997)

TOTAL VALUE .................................................(Value of $14,994)

Coaching when you need it....

$297 USD p/mth...

Cancel anytime


For the next 10 clients

1:1 Initial Business Deep Dive & development of 90 day Action Plan ..........(Value of $997)


We work together for 12 months and very closely in a small intimate group so I can make sure you save at least 10 hours per week in your business.

And this is my guarantee to you…. We work together for the entire 12 months, and if your work hours have NOT reduced by 10+ hours each week, we continue to work together.

As you can imagine - a small intimate group is just that small….

So we have only 9 spots available.

Work with me for 12 months and save at least 10 hours per week or we’ll continue working together until we do

Access to ALL of our Training Materials ......(Value of $9,997)

Private 1:1 Coaching Support ...........................(Value of $4,997)

TOTAL VALUE .................................................(Value of $14,994)

Coaching when you need it....

$297 USD p/mth...

Cancel anytime

Finally , flexible 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs who want to reduce their work hours through automation while scaling the growth of their business.

A 1:1 coaching program that will support you to leverage your time, knowledge and marketing to deliver the consistent income and profits you desire all while working less and playing more

Profitable Automation Systems is ideal for you

if you have asked yourself these questions

  • How can I get consistent leads?

  • How can I work less time while growing my business?

  • How can I stop trading time for $

  • Where can I learn the systems I need to implement to automate my business?

  • Where can I get support to keep in forward momentum when I feel stuck ?


You’re ready to do the work it takes to get the results you desire

If you've asked yourself any of these questions, and you are tired of struggling with inconsistent leads, income and profits this coaching is for you!

  • You’re not willing to take the action necessary to achieve your goals, no matter how hard it might feel

  • You’re hoping for a magic pill and a quick solution. Streamlining your business takes time

  • You want someone else to do the work for you

1. How much support do you actually get?

Think of it as someone to bounce ideas off, get direction and guidance when you're not sure, get directed to specific training resources when that IS the next logical step.

You can request reviews of marketing materials, ads support, even a review of your business health and what IS the next most profitable step... Your very own coach to keep you on track and accountable to your goals.

You can ask questions (and submit requests) 24/7 in your dedicated private forum for support. I will answer questions and review submissions twice per day Monday to Friday.

2. Why is it cancel anytime?

I know what it's like to be locked into a long term contract that you can't make the most of when LIFE happens... Now is this an excuse to simply deviate from your plan because you don't feel like it? HELL NO... This is to give you the flexibility to OPT OUT if life outside of business is kicking your butt and you need to give your life ALL your attention... And lets face it, sometimes you just need a little bit of support to know you are on he right track, this is perfect for that.

3. What kind of coach are YOU?

Well, I'm a no BS kind of coach... I'll call you out on stuff when you need it and keep you in massive momentum.. A core skill of mine is to get loads of stuff done is a short amount of time, I can help you do that too...

And with a cancel anytime policy, you can try it out and see if it's a good fit for YOU, and if not discontinue.. Note, I won't do the work for YOU but I will support YOU to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

4. Why is 1:1 access priced so low at just $297 per month?

I wanted to make 1:1 support affordable for as many as I could. By structuring with a private forum and no calls to attend, I can make the support much more affordable and help way more people.

Access to ALL of our Training Materials ......(Value of $9,997)

Private 1:1 Coaching Support ...........................(Value of $4,997)

TOTAL VALUE .................................................(Value of $14,994)

Coaching when you need it....

$297 USD p/mth...

Cancel anytime

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